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Free pacifier engravings


FRIGG pacifiers are designed with a focus on outstanding safety and modern design. With clean lines, beautiful colours and the very best materials, FRIGG ensures that your baby gets a pacifier that is perfect on every level.

FRIGG is inspired by the goddess Frigg

In Norse mythology, Frigg was believed to be the goddess of marriage, birth and healing. Frigg, the loving and protective mother, loved her children dearly and wanted to protect them at all costs. The goddess Frigg was worshiped in connection with births, and also acted as a protector and helper in traditional women’s work such as weaving, sewing and cooking.

The FRIGG brand was created by taking clear inspiration from both of these stories about the goddess Frigg, and from the elegance and functionality of Scandinavian design: a range of 100% Danish produced pacifiers, and the epitome of modern, stylish and healthy pacifiers for your child. 

 FRIGG is 100% Danish-made and 100% free from harmful substances 
“We want to create the best pacifier in the world”. In short, this is the vision behind FRIGG. FRIGG is a round pacifier and the only pacifier in the world to be 100% designed and produced in Denmark. 

The pacifier, which is available in two different sizes, comes in an elegant, minimalist design where every single gorgeous little detail has a purpose. The size of the pacifier is also engraved in small print on the head of the pacifier itself

 FRIGG is made with the children’s safety needs front and centre, and is created using the cleanest and most environmentally friendly materials. FRIGG pacifiers have unique batch numbers and undergo thorough quality control before leaving the factory. For example, they are tensile and vacuum tested before they reach consumers.