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Teddykompaniet teddy bears

Soft, sweet and reassuring. Teddy bears are a classic favourite for little ones. The ability to hold onto and around a friend, who, at the same time, smells like the safefy and familiarity of home, has a calming effect and provdes a sense of security. With a teddy bear from Teddykompaniet, you and your child are in good hands, because the stuffed animals are produced to high standards in relation to ethical guidelines, the environment and strict safety rules.
Teddykompaniet Samuel with Heart Brown
Product number: TB-2381-Brown

Teddykompaniet Baby Bears Teddy Pink
Product number: TB-5343-Pink

Teddykompaniet Samuel with Heart White
Product number: TB-2381-White

Teddykompaniet Buddy Pacifier holder Cow
Product number: TB-2487-Cow

Teddykompaniet Sitting Friends Teddy Unicorn
Product number: TB-2611-Unicorn

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Teddy Panda
Product number: TB-2585-dreamies-panda

Teddykompaniet Wild Giraffe Teddy
Product number: TK-2983

Teddykompaniet Jungle Kidz Teddy Wild Giraffefe
Product number: TB-2762-Giraffe

Teddykompaniet Teddy Elton little
Product number: TK-2680-Lille

Teddykompaniet Wilma Bunny teddy Blush
Product number: TB-2882

Teddykompaniet Bunny teddy Cream
Teddy Rabbit Cream Big
Product number: TK-1555

Teddykompaniet Bunny Teddy
Nova Pink
Product number: TK2977

Teddykompaniet Teddy Rabbit Jessie
Product number: TK-2616

Teddykompaniet Cotton Cuties Teddy Beige
Product number: TK2704

Teddykompaniet Wilma Bunny teddy Grey
Product number: TB-2881

Teddykompaniet Teddy Music mobile Lama
Product number: TK4065

Teddykompaniet Sloth Teddy
Product number: TB-2789-Dovendyr

Teddykompaniet Svea Bunny teddy
Svea lyserød
Product number: TK2995

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Teddy Moose
Product number: TB-2575-dreamies-moose

Teddykompaniet Cotton Cuties Teddy Grey
Product number: TK2700

Teddykompaniet Jungle Kidz Teddy Wild Elephant
Product number: TB-2763-Elephant

Teddykompaniet Buddy Pacifier holder Mouse
Product number: TB-2488-Mouse

Teddykompaniet Wild Lion Teddy
Product number: TK2982

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Teddy Mouse
Product number: TK-2593

Teddykompaniet Teddy Samuel little
Samuel Cream - lille
Product number: TK-2379-Cream-lille

Teddykompaniet Bunny teddy Cream
Teddy Rabbit Cream Small
Product number: TB-1554

Teddykompaniet Teddy Rabbit Fluffisar
Fluffisar Rose
Product number: TK-2958

Teddykompaniet Harry Teddy
Harry white
Product number: TK2503-HVID

Teddykompaniet Unicorn Teddy with bow
Product number: TK-2964

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Teddy Nalle Bear
Product number: TB-Dreamies-Bear-lille

Teddykompaniet Teddy Rabbit Fluffisar
Fluffisar Iris
Product number: TK-2959

Teddykompaniet My Bunny teddy Cream
Product number: TB-2354-My-Cream

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Teddy Polar bear
Product number: TB-2587-isbjørn

Teddykompaniet Dreamies Hippopotamus Teddy little
Product number: TB-2587-Flodhest-lille