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Elodie Details hooded towels

Product Type: Bath towel
Elodie Details

Swedish Elodie Details is an innovative and modern company, which was founded in 2006 by Linda Sätterström.

Elodie Details was started when Linda had searched for a Pacifier that fit her daughter's style. In 2005, it was not possible to find Pacifier cords in smart designs, so she developed a Pacifier cord that not only prevented the Pacifier from getting lost, but was also a fashion statement. The Pacifier cord quickly became popular in Scandinavia due to the ample options of smart designs.

From here, Elodie Details quickly took off. The desire to elevate the products to more than just everyday necessities has been great, which is why Elodie Details is synonymous with products that express style and personality. Among the subsequent products are Pacifiers, Pacifier cloths, bibs, drool bibs, towels, blankets and the wonderful huggable friends."



Elodie Details- Vælg farve-/mønster variant
Product number: ED1038700
Variant: Towel - Dots Of Fauna