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Little X-Mas

The days are getting colder, and dusk is already creeping in late afternoon. At Littledeluxe, this is a clear sign that December – the cosiest month of the year – is approaching...

Christmas is a celebration of love in an otherwise cold, dark month. We love Christmas, and Christmas equals presence, traditions and cosy preparations together with the family. When you become a parent, you suddenly see Christmas in a different light. Introducing your little ones to the many Christmas traditions is a wonderful experience. Little ones can find Christmas a little overwhelming because it is full of so many different impressions and experiences. Such as picking up and decorating the Christmas tree, making paper chains, eating mince pies and of course the joy of giving and receiving advent calendars, Advent gifts and Christmas presents. The overwhelming impressions will settle in the minds of the youngest in the family, and slowly the children will build a greater and greater understanding, joy and enthusiasm for Christmas with each passing year.

At Littledeluxe, you will find gifts for little ones in every price range, whether you’re looking for Advent calendar gifts, Advent gifts, stocking fillers or Christmas presents. As a special treat this year, we’ve put together 24 calendar gifts and 4 Advent gifts so you can delight your little ones with gifts that are indispensable in everyday life.

FRIGG & Mushie Advent Calendar
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Product number: Adventskalender-2022.6