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MAM Start silicone pacifiers 0-2 mos. 2-pack

Age Group: 0+ mos.
Engraving: Not possible
Material: Silicone
Nipple shape: Symmetrical
Product Type: Pacifier
Quantity: 2
Series: MAM Start

MAM is the market-leading manufacturer of Pacifiers and baby articles, both globally and in several European countries — including Denmark. And for good reason. In several different contexts, the company has set new standards for the perception of the Pacifier concept.

The Pacifiers are produced on the basis of a philosophy that parents should not choose between aesthetics and function. MAM’s Pacifiers are therefore not only beautiful to look at, the Pacifiers are also developed in collaboration between leading designers, experts in orthodontics, researchers, dentists and — of course — parents.

MAM’s Pacifiers are innovation and design in a class of their own, which is underlined by the many awards the Austrian company has won since the first Pacifier was sold in 1976.

All MAM’s Pacifiers are symmetrical in shape.

Littledeluxe sells the following models of MAM Pacifiers:
Air, Original, Original Night, Perfect, Perfect Night, Supreme, Start. 

In addition, we sell various must-have accessories for Pacifiers and anti-colic baby bottles from MAM.



MAM - Choose variant
Product number: M-S-02PK-9
Variant: Start 0-2 - Hedgehog/Bunny