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Free pacifier engravings


The end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one: is now being relaunched as

Relaunch: From to

2022, January, 12th.

The end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one: is now being relaunched as

Just like, will keep offering the healthy choices for children. The shop will maintain a strong focus on safe products without harmful substances: “Too many baby products are produced without proper quality control. All our products are carefully selected so you don’t have to worry about quality or ingredients. Littledeluxe only sells products I would give my own children”, says Annette Jensen, founder of Littledeluxe.

So, what is new? Customers at will get the opportunity to discover baby essentials in a much larger and more exclusive range. Littledeluxe embraces the fact that every child has different needs, and every child’s needs ought to be covered in the best way possible.

That is the reason why Littledeluxe has chosen to offer a wide and varied selection of baby essentials with a primary focus on pacifiers on which they even offer free engravings. As a unique

feature the shop also offers the possibility to buy almost all pacifiers individually. This gives a great advantage when the baby struggles when learning to use a pacifier.

The website has also gone through a design makeover, which means that it is now a lot easier and clearer to navigate on the site. The improvement of the user-friendliness will first and foremost simplify finding the right products for the specific child.

Littledeluxe will continuously add brand-new baby essentials all functional, elegant, and safe for the little ones. Never compromising, always choosing the healthiest and safest way on the market.