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NUK Space Night 6-18 mos. silicone Pacifiers

Age Group: 6-18 mos.
Engraving: Not possible
Material: Silicone
Nipple shape: Anatomical
Product Type: Pacifier
Quantity: 2
Size: 2
Luminescent: Yes

NUK is a German manufacturer of Pacifiers for children. For the past 60 years, the company has been a guarantor of innovative products of the highest quality.

More than 50 million children (and their parents) have so far adopted NUK's baby products. The philosophy behind NUK's products is that nature is the perfect prototype, and that every detail has a purpose.

Children are born with a great need for suckling. They need this not only to feel a sense of security, but also because they need to train their muscles in and around the jaw. Training these muscle supports the development of everything from breathing and eating to a baby's speech.

NUK's Pacifiers are therefore designed to support this very need by imitating a mother's breast during breastfeeding."



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Product number: NUK-FED43
Variant: Space Night 6-18 - Cat/Fly