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Chicco Baby bottles

Chicco Natural feeling baby bottles — Anti-colic Baby bottles 
The baby bottles in this series, like all baby bottles in the Littledeluxe selection, have an anti-colic function. The bottles are ergonomically correct in shape so that they are more comfortable to hold, and they come with a lid that prevents the fluid from flowing out during transportation. The baby bottles all have extra soft silicone with double anti-colic valves.
Chicco 250 ml. Baby Bottle Anti-Colic
Product number: 8072540-4

Chicco 150 ml Baby Bottle Anti-Colic
Product number: 8071140-0

Chicco Gift set
Product number: 807116-2


Follows the child's development

What sets Chicco apart from our other models is the baby bottle. It is designed to grow with the baby. By changing details in terms of form and function, you get a teat that is always optimally suited to the child's development. In the small sizes, the bottle teat is angled, which makes bottle feeding easier and gives a more natural feeling for both child and adult. In turn, this makes it more relaxing to give your baby a bottle when your child is lying in your arms and cuddling.

The baby bottles are available in three sizes.

Size 0-4 mos.

150 ml baby bottle with an angled slow-flow bottle teat.

Size 4-6 mos.

250 ml baby bottle. The bottle here has a variable flow bottle teat so your baby gets exactly the amount of fluid he or she needs.

Size 6+ mos.

330 ml bottle with a quick-flow bottle teat. Ideal for slightly older children.