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About us – a healthy choice for your child

One day I came across a new mother's frustrations about harmful and carcinogenic substances in pacifiers on an information page for new parents. Why put BPA, PVC and phthalates in pacifiers for babies? I could not see any reason for that at all - why expose our children to drugs that can lead to illness or discomfort when it can be avoided?
I myself am the mother of two beautiful children - a girl and a boy - and I can clearly remember what it was like as a new mother to have to make heads or tails in the baby jungle. There are so many different opinions about what you can do, and especially about what you should not. I am originally a trained social worker and have worked with disabled or sick children for many years. From my experience, I felt drawn to this problem and I set out to investigate it further. I found out that there were a lot of pacifiers that contain substances that are supposed to be carcinogenic.

When you are a new mother, it is impossible to get to grips with everything. I decided to set up a website,, which only sells pacifiers without harmful substances such as BPA, PVC and phthalates to help other parents make a healthy choice. Fortunately, a lot has happened with the legislation on harmful substances in products for children, just as several pacifier manufacturers have taken an ethically responsible position since I started Littledeluxe in 2011. 

 The basic idea behind is still that it should be a place where parents can shop safely — and then their energy can be used to find their way around the rest of the baby jungle or quality time with one's child. That is why you will only find products from the best and most reliable baby brands with us.

Best Wishes,
Annette Jensen