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”Too many baby products are produced without proper quality control. I started Littledeluxe to offer parents a safe place to shop. All our products are carefully selected so you don't have to worry about quality or ingredients. Littledeluxe only sells products I would give my own children.” Annette Jensen, Founder of Littledeluxe.

All products at are free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. We only offer quality pacifiers from reputable brands such as: Baby Nova, BIBS, Chicco, Difrax, Elodie Details, FRIGG, MAM, Mininor, Nip, Nuk, Philips Avent and Tommee Tippee. When you buy your baby's pacifier at Littledeluxe, you can get a name engraved or a cute/fun text on the pacifier for free.

Pacifiers are not only incredibly sweet, but they also serve a practical purpose. When your child's name is engraved on his or her pacifier, you as parents, as well as educators in a nursery/daycare/kindergarden, will be able to easily recognise the pacifier that belongs to the specific child.

Engraving of pacifiers

By engraving the pacifier, you reduce the risk of your child being infected by other children through the transfer of bacteria from one child to another. 

When you purchase pacifiers with your child's name on from, you can rest assured that the engraving is not harmful to your child or the pacifier.

We use a modern UV laser for the engraving. This method provides smooth and hygienic results and the text does not wear off during use. The engraving is of course free of charge. 

Personalised Pacifiers — unleash your creativity

There are no limits to how creative you can be when writing texts on pacifiers. Sweet and fun texts on pacifiers delight most parents, and they are the perfect gift idea if you want to surprise the parents of a little pacifier fan with a personal and 100% unique gift! - a safe place to shop

Littledeluxe provides parents with a safe and secure place to shop for their children.

We guarantee that all our products:

  • Are 100 % free of bisphenols, PVC and phthalates
  • Comply with all Danish and European standards and laws
Just as children are different, so are the different types of nipples they prefer. That is why we have chosen to offer a wide and varied selection of pacifiers. On our site, you will find everything from teeth-friendly pacifiers in anatomical shapes to the classic symmetrical pacifiers and the round natural rubber pacifiers that we recommend for nursing children.